Saturday, October 27, 2012
Are.You.Lost.With.Lapsap.GEN-Z? posted by Juliana Venetta 11:25 PM

The sky is clear and the party is over. Here it goes after so long. It was Lapsap 5th Anniversary Party at Lost Malaya last Friday which is 25th Oct? It was a great night having everyone there at the party. Met lots of people and some even surprise me seeing them there. You guys are great people and you know who I'm referring to. Went over with cousin and friend and first met Elvis at the entrance and unexpectedly seen "him" there when greeting Elvis. I brought my huge ass polaroid with me and took a few pictures with that. Am still lazy to snap it with my phone. So just stay tune on my Instagram or Facebook or Twitter perhaps? 

We are the GEN-Z which brightens the future. It doesn't matter how old we are, as long as you think your heart is young and you are able to make it more lively then you are young. The party last Friday make me realize that there's peace and love. Where people don't fight in the party (like how usual clubs are). They enjoyed the music together even they don't know each other, they are still able to dance and drink together. That's how GEN-Z should be. No grudges or hates just love and peace.

There will be more upcoming events coming in since it is end of the year! Thirst2012 in Kuala Lumpur and Zoukout Party in Singapore where both this even happen to take place on the same day. So make up your mind people and make a choice! Other than that I think there will also be Christmas parties and also New Year parties. Will keep you guys updated and join us for the next party!!!

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Monday, June 4, 2012
Maybe.Said.Something.Wrong posted by Juliana Venetta 8:43 AM
After neglected this pink----ish blog for like n-months, I'm back blogging again. Sorry I know I promised to blog about my trip to Bangkok but I was too busy with my stuff until I have no time for blogging at all. Anyway, let's talk about current rather than past. What are you guys up to recently? Out to the society to face the realistic working life or still mugging at home with all your notes and assignments? How I wish I would be the one mugging over my notes and assignments at home. Honestly speaking, I hate working life. I hate my work place. I hate my two-face bosses & colleagues. I hate waking up at 7am everyday for work when I used to sleep at 7am last time. My life is a total mess now. I hate dressing up like an office lady pretending that I am a working adults when I'm not. I hate squeezing in the train with all the "bangalas" every morning with their curry mutton smell. I hate Monday as it is always the furthest to the weekends and I hate Friday because I hate to force myself to go to work when I know the next day is weekend. Basically working life is a NO for me. How i wish I could go back to school! Dear SIM, why must your enrollment be once a year ONLY? Why can't it be like 2 or 3 intakes per year? Sigh..... 

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Saturday, February 4, 2012
If... posted by Juliana Venetta 11:11 AM
People often said there will always be rainbow after a hurricane. It will be nice if it happened to me. In life there will always be up and down. People get hurt, they fall, they cried but eventually they will brace up their courage and face the reality. Why would there be sadness? Why would people cry? Why would people love? Why would people care? Millions and millions of why.. I'd admit that I can't be perfect and I always can't. I've tried to make the best out of everything. Family, studies, friends, relationship and personalities. I'm tired.. I don't find myself acting like how I used to be anymore. I felt disgusted wearing a mask to please everyone in my life. I felt disgusted that I couldn't be myself in front of everyone. I have no idea what is on my mind. Damn damn all I do is wish you were here with me. I can't define how it feel. You weren't me. You will never know what I've gone through. I wish I could run away from all these. To a very.. very far away place where no one could ever find me other than sunshine. It's easy for everyone to say, live for your own but not for others. But don't you guys know things are easily to be said than done? I wish I was born without feelings. When I have no feelings, I wouldn't feel sad, I wouldn't feel hurt, I wouldn't hurt others, I wouldn't cry, I wouldn't do things I wasn't suppose to do, I wouldn't..... But I have no option. No choice.. Things often happened in an opposite way.. I hate to make choice. Why can't I just be me? I jokes, I laugh but.. who knows in the bottom of my heart, I'm bleeding inside? Why can't I just leave everything aside and be what I want to be and do what I want to do? Could someone please understand how I feel now? I don't need much concern, just one... One.. will do...

Monday, January 16, 2012
Utterly of the moment posted by Juliana Venetta 11:49 AM
( Rachel my boo )

Great, it's freaking 3:55am in the morning and I am still wide awake. Freaking insomnia can you just leave me alone and let me have a good sleep? Sigh. How's life everyone and what are you guys up to recently? I know I have been playing MIA recently (due to some personal reason). But I'm Back! Hmm.. Graduating from Uni is not a good thing actually. When you graduated after struggling for freaking N-years in Uni and trying to look for a job is not a good thing. It's freaking troublesome where you gonna start to look for job and prepare good resume for the interview. I miss school life and I am keen to go back to school ASAP! To be honest working life sucks and student life is always the best. For those who are still studying, enjoy your student life while you can alright! Can't wait for enrollment! I don't wanna stay at home all day long and do nothing man. This feeling isn't right when you wanna do something so badly but you can't! :(

Anyway, I will be posting my very outdated Bangkok trip soon and stay tune for my next post alright! Good night everyone! ♥ :)

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Thursday, November 3, 2011
Nicest thing posted by Juliana Venetta 10:44 AM
Holla it's Monday (literally Mournday) ! How's your day everyone? Hmm.. have been busying with work recently. For the past whole week I spent almost every single day at work. No off at all and finally I managed to get off on this coming Thursday and Friday! How nice man! Hehe anyway, gonna work hard and save hard though. Next month I will be penniless because I have to spend like large amount on Christmas gifts! Aww can't wait for Christmas! Hehe planning to get some stuff from daddy, Joyce, Alex, Colin and obviously my love one, Jimmy. Alex and Joyce planned to get a Galaxy tab for dad and of course I will be chipping in as well! Time to show some love to my dad! Hehe! For Joyce I have to spend a lot too because her birthday is on December as well. So gonna get her real good pressie. Alex I have no idea what to get yet. Colin I still owed him birthday gift. Soooo that would be Christmas + Birthday gift then! Hehe I know I'ma bit cheapo lar but I'm just a student! Colin also never get for me anything for my birthday! Haha a bit calculative huh me? And lastly would be my love, Jimmy's pressie. Have something on my mind already and I hope he will love it if he gets it!

Exam is around the corner and I still haven't start my revision yet. Fml I have to strive hard and finish this shit. So sick of SIM already and I'm serious! All the best to all my mates alright!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Bitter Sweet Symphony posted by Juliana Venetta 9:29 AM
Free and Easy. That's how I feel now. Finally completed my Web Design after all the crazy parties at Eats and drinking session with my love one. I feel life is amazing. God created humans. But humans created themselves with different personalities. People change, Environment change, the only thing that will never change is love and care from your family. Everyone said blood is thicker than water and I agree with it! Time I got to spend with my dad is getting lesser. Is either Im busy with work or he is busy with his. Every week I travel back home, the feeling getting much more stronger. I can't imagine if I miss out this puzzle in my life. Dad, you make my life a total change. Thanks for giving me all that I need though its beyond your ability. I love you dad. All your love and care. Mummy left us earlier and thanks for giving all the love that you can. Although I may be very rebellious at times and you always nag at me, but you know I always care for you right? As I grow older, I can actually differentiate how important between family and friendship. Sorry if I did not listen to your advice earlier! Well, human need to learn from their mistakes as it is part of their life isn't it? Ohmyg, blogging about you making me thinking of you and I really miss your hugs dearly daddy!

Hummm, by the way is anyone looking for a part time job in singapore? Do let me know okie because my working place currently hiring part timer/full timers! Drop me an email if possible! :0

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011
Lonely posted by Juliana Venetta 10:24 PM
Why girl is the weakess creature by God? Why aren't the guy the weakess creature made by God? Girl's heart are so fragile. They are weak. They cry easily. They get hurt easily. They get disappointed faster than anyone does. They are sensitive. God created guys to protect and love the girl. But guys took things for granted thinking that girls will always be there for them no matter what they did.

Why must you always leave me alone when we have arguments? I'm afraid of darkness and loneliness and you knew that. Everytime you close the door and leave me without a word. Everytime I need to be there for you whenever you need me. But what about me? I can just depend on myself. Guys will only help guys and that's what I learn from the past but why I did not practice it in my daily life? No matter how much I do, No matter how much I love you, I'm always the last one. But don't you remember when you injured, when you get hurt, when you are sad, when you get disappointed over things, I was the first one to be there for you? Don't you remember a single thing?

I feel so lonely. First was mum leaving me without a word, second was my best friends and now is you. Why I bother to cry? Why I bother to feel sad? It's all because of you. :(

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